Refund Policy


BEFORE GIVING A DEPOSIT!!! NOTE: There are NO guarantees on a time frame for your puppy. Mother Nature is the one in control. There are things that can happen that are not always in the favor of the process someone has hoped for. The process can take up to 8 months longer than expected due issues such as:* correct gender being born* small litters* a mother dogs aborts her puppies too earlyA deposit guarantees you a puppy within a reasonable amount of time, and can be up to a calendar year, and does not a “position”, and the guarantee is not for a ‘set’ date. Contracts will be listed for a specific date and specific breeding pair, with the understanding that JM Kennels is not held responsible for choices made by Mother Nature.


Your Puppy Deposit is Non-refundable UNDER ANY CONDITIONS

Our policy of a non refundable deposit is not from a greed point of view but more this is how we survive the time frame it takes to produce a litter of puppies. The deposits are applied to the needs of every dog/puppy here, so the deposit is not some sort of escrow or savings that we hold. Our weekly dog food bill exceeds $625.00 weekly, the electric bill averages $800.00 – $1000.00 monthly, vaccines/worming medications, at the least are $350.00 monthly, not to mention the emergency vet bills we, on a continual basis, deal with. C-sections can run anywhere from $1000.00-$8,000.00 depending on where we are able to go in an emergency, which most c-section are. We have yearly rabies clinics from a licensed veterinarian, clinical dental cleanings, not to mention the weekly labor costs we pay out for keeping up with daily maintenance and care for each dog, plus travel expenses equaling hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. We are sharing this with you because from an outside person’s point of view, we want to emphasis how the deposits are applied. The deposit is an investment and “contractual” commitment agreeing to the terms of what a deposit is used for in developing potentially an unborn puppy, which is a 17 week process (9 weeks gestation, 8 weeks to grow). The reason we use a “contract” is so that each depositor understands/reads/knows that once a deposit is in place, we cannot return the deposit under any circumstances due to what the deposit is used for. Say you worked a 40 hour week at your job, then your boss comes out and says due to his family issues he is only going to pay you for 1/2 the time you worked and to please understand he is having problems. This is how this situation needs to be perceived. We ask for deposits, under a contractual agreement, with the understanding this is an investment that once signed, under no circumstances can the deposit be returned. Deposits may transfer (which most breeders do not allow) and the time frame must be applied within 24 months from date of deposit. If you pass on a litter, we will place your contract in the pending file and when you are ready (if ever) you can contact us, or it may be applied to the next available litter. Pricing may change. We are asking you to understand this is not a personal issue but a business practice we have to continue using. The contract is designed to protect both breeder and buyer. At some point, as a breeder, we have to comply and deliver the product. If we fail to do so, then we would be in breach of contract and a whole other issue around the deposit would apply. But please note, if circumstances should arise due to not understanding our policies and guarantees: BERNEDOODLES OF THE ROCKIES and it’s employees reserve the right to deny the sale of any given puppy for any reason, including and not limited to any such form of harassment, gossip, hearsay and/or any misuse of public media for any such reasons toward JM Kennels and it’s employees! Deposits will remain non refundable.

Please be sure you are ready for your puppy before you make a deposit. We know it is a big commitment…

We do understand that life happens so please know, if you need to reschedule when you can get your puppy, we will work with you to make sure you get one of the best puppies on the planet when you are ready.

If you need to reschedule or change which litter you are getting a puppy from, just give us a call or email.

If you change your mind, I am truly sorry, but your deposit will not be refunded.

We have many wonderful dog lovers on our list who are patiently waiting for a special puppy. We want to make sure they get their dog the first chance one is available AND have time to plan and not have to make a rush decision when a puppy comes up from a cancellation.

We try our best to produce puppies in a timely manner, but please remember that we are dealing with Mother Nature. Please note that it could take up to 8 – 16 months of waiting to find the perfect match. Thank you for your patience and understanding.