WE DO NOT ALLOW VISITORS TO ENTER THE NURSERY OR KENNEL AREA, OR TO HANDLE ANY OF THE UNVACCINATED PUPS. This is for the health and safety of our dogs, particularly the baby puppies, and so they don’t bring unknown germs back to the nursery with them to contaminate other litters. If you truly love your new puppy and want only the best for it, PLEASE don’t ask to visit before it is six weeks old! We have a separate Meet & Greet Room where you will visit your puppy or make your selection from several pups that we will bring to you. Don’t worry – we are taking excellent care of the babies, but even the State Inspector doesn’t enter our nursery when inspecting the kennel for fear of importing something from outside that could wipe out all the babies. It’s not just our rule – that’s the State’s rule! Your own pet(s) at home may not be sick, but you can unknowingly pick up various deadly disease pathogens from other animals, pet stores, or even on the grass in town and bring them in on your hands, shoes or clothing. We respect your desire to see and handle the puppies, but our responsibility is first and foremost to do everything in our power to nurture and protect them, so you get the healthiest puppy possible.

As far as the adults, we ask that you do not visit any other kennels or the like prior to your visit here for the very same reason of disease control. You will be asked to place covers on your feet and ask that you do not pet any of the dogs. Once you arrive on the property we ask that you only walk to the door and not wonder to see the dogs as tempting as that may be. Again, this is for the protection of all the dogs on the premises. We allow 30 minutes per visit. When choosing a puppy, the visits are limited to One hour to familiarize yourselves with the puppies