Past Puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies, Goldendoodle Puppies, and More!

We are located in the small town of Johnstown, Colorado. We are Specialized Breeders that have spent the last 30 years purchasing the best quality bloodlines to hopefully offer healthier dogs. In recent years, more dogs have been allowed to be imported into the United States from other countries, which has opened up the gene pool and hopefully allows for a healthier dog. Our goal as a breeder is to offer quality health for our dogs, who are hopefully less prone to the cancers and bone issues this breed has. The dogs are raised as family members and are socialized daily. The adult dogs have individual yards, not kennels, although kennels are used to protect pregnant mothers and young puppies. They are later acclimated back into the yard. Our puppies are from Hungary, Russia, Swiss, Canadian, German, Dutch, Belgium and Romania Import Bloodlines.

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