Steps To Breeding: The JM Kennel's Behind-The-Scenes Look At Breeding

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We here at JM Kennels in Johnstown are asked all the time how we breed our magnificent bernedoodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and standard poodles. Today, we'll take a behind-the-scenes look at the dog breeding process. View our up-and-coming litters page today!

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JM Kennels imports most of our breeding dogs from Europe

Dogs are Imported from Russia, Belgium, Hungary, Etc.

The vast majority of our dogs are imported from Russia, Belgium, Hungary, and other places. Most reputable breeders are not only looking to diversify their gene pool, but they are also looking to improve the breed standards. They look for puppies all over the world that will fit into their breeding program to meet these goals.

JM Kennels only breeds dogs over the age of 18 months

Entered Into Breeding Program at a Minimum of 18 Months Old

Here at JM Kennels, we do not breed our dogs every time they come into heat. In fact, our dogs don't even enter the breeding program until they are at least 18 months old. This is because they are still puppies for the first year or two of their lives and are still growing themselves. It's better for dogs to wait to be bred later rather than sooner.

 JM Kennels hand selects puppies for our ongoing breeding program

Puppies are Hand-Selected for Ongoing Breeding Program

While we sell most of our puppies, we do hand-select some to become our forever pets and to enter our breeding program. We have extremely strict standards that we look for in our breeding dogs that will further the breed and the program. It can be a year or so before a new puppy is born that will meet our standards.

JM Kennels cares for puppies with the best health and cognitive abilities

Puppies Are Cared for to Achieve the Best Health and Cognitive Abilities Till Pickup at 8 Weeks Old

We love each and every puppy that is born. We care for them and give them plenty of opportunities to socialize with other dogs and with humans. We understand the importance of this stage in their life, so we do our best to prepare them for your home. From potty training to giving them challenging toys, you can rest assured your pup will be ready to go home with you at 8 weeks of age.

JM Kennels allows for puppy viewing

Puppy Viewing is Allowed During Infancy Stages

We encourage visitations so that you can choose the perfect puppy for you. Even at this young age, your pup will begin to show signs of its personality. Future owners are allowed visitation to pick out their puppy after they are six weeks old. We do have strict guidelines in place to protect our pups from diseases.

JM Kennels guarantees pups for 72 hours

After Puppy Pickup, We Guarantee Pup Exchange for 72 Hours for Health Reasons

While we do our best to ensure your puppies are the best ever, we encourage you to take your puppy to your veterinarian as soon as possible after you pick them up. This allows your vet to check the puppy for any health defects and to ensure your pup is in the best condition possible. We allow you to exchange your puppy for up to 72 hours after delivery for any health reason.

JM Kennels offers a 1-year genetic issue and 2-year hip and elbow guarantee

1 Year Genetic Issue Guarantee & 2 Year Hip and Elbow Guarantee

Most purebred dogs can have health problems due to the more limited gene pool. Thus, we offer a one-year genetic issue guarantee and a two-year hip and elbow guarantee. This will offer you peace of mind should something crop up within the first year or two of puppy ownership.

JM Kennels keeps an ongoing relationship with our new pet owners

We Have an Ongoing Relationship With All New Pet Owners

Most importantly, we love our new owners! After ensuring you have a great home to offer one of our pups, we welcome you to our family, too. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your pup. It can be hard to know what to expect, especially if you are new to our breeds. Don't worry; we are here for you!

We hope you've enjoyed our dive into what our breeding program entails. As you can see, we pour our hearts and souls into our bernedoodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and standard poodle puppies so that you receive the highest-quality new best friend possible. View our up and coming litters online, or contact us with questions today!

View Our Up and Coming Litters Page Online