Is A Bernese Mountain Dog Truly An "All-Around" Dog?

Is A Bernese Mountain Dog Truly An "All-Around" Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a reputation for being “all around” dogs. They were bred in the midlands of Switzerland as multi-purpose farm dogs but have many talents and are valuable members of many different types of families. But is that reputation warranted? Are Bernese Mountain Dogs truly “all around” dogs? The short answer is yes and today, we will explain why.

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The Bernese Mountain Dog is a multi-faceted and multi-talented breed. They make excellent show dogs but also work well on farms and also love just hanging out with their families. They make good outdoor dogs but will also be content to spend an evening snuggled up inside. They are good for a wide range of households and any family would be lucky to have one.

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Aim To Please

The versatility in this breed comes from their desire to please their people. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be trained in a wide array of skills and tricks. The most important thing to them is their relationship with their trainer. If a Bernese Mountain Dog has a good relationship with their trainer, they can learn just about anything.

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Friendly But Protective

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being good dogs for families. They are very friendly and affectionate around children. That being said, they tend to be a bit wary of strangers and are fiercely protective of their families. If you want a dog that is loyal and loving while also being a protective guard dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog might be right for you!

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Intelligent and Easy Going

There’s no denying that some intelligent breeds are high maintenance but that’s not the case with the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are smart enough to be trained to do a wide variety of tasks but they are also very easy going. Unlike a lot of intelligent breeds, they are not stubborn. They are easier to train than many other types of dogs because they are incredibly loyal and faithful.

The versatility of the Bernese Mountain Dog is part of what makes them so desirable. They are a dog that works well in many different families and households and are a treat to raise. If you’re in the market for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, JM Kennels is currently accepting deposits for our next litter. Contact us today for more details!

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