Is A Bernedoodle Breed Right For Me & My Family?

Here are reasons that bernedoodle dogs are great for many types of families:

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Is A Bernedoodle Breed Right For Me & My Family?

When you’re shopping around for a new dog, you’re likely looking for one that will fit right in with you and your family’s needs. While there are all kinds of breeds available from breeders all over Colorado, choosing the one that’s right for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are reasons that bernedoodle dogs are great for many types of families:

bernedoodle on lake

Not Hyperactive

One of the many important factors to consider when choosing a dog to purchase is whether or not its activity level is appropriate for your family. If you have small children in the house, a hyperactive dog is not a great choice because they require a lot of time and attention, and larger breeds may knock over small children, too. Bernedoodles are not hyperactive, and because they have a calmer temperament, they are great choices for families who want to purchase an animal companion for their children.

bernedoodle laying in grass

Loving Companion

Bernedoodles are friendly and outgoing, and make for loving companions for the whole family. Unlike many dog breeds, which may become attached to a single family member or prioritize the attention of one person over the rest, bernedoodles tend to be loving toward the whole family. They will make for great companions whether you have a large family or a small one.

bernedoodle and cat

Serene Personalities

An important part of purchasing a new dog is to ensure that the dog’s personality will mesh well with the needs of your family. An anxious, restless, or high-strung dog may not fit in as well in a family setting because they will not get the undivided attention of their people that the dog would need to work through any concerns. However, bernedoodles tend to be more serene, easygoing, and content, making for companions that are low-maintenance and can mesh well with a busy family life.

bernedoodle puppy


One of the most lovable qualities of a bernedoodle dog is that they are unfailingly loyal to their family and will be a dependable companion for their whole life. With an intelligent dog that is loyal, you and your family will have an easier time of training, bonding, and growing as a family together.

Learn more about bernedoodles, their temperaments, and why they’re great dogs for all kinds of families throughout Colorado. Contact us today to get started with purchasing your family’s newest companion!

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