4 Reasons To Partner With JM Kennels For Your Next Furry Family Member

A Colorado Dog Breeder You Can Trust

When looking for a new fur baby to add to your family, you have a lot of choices. From going with a pure bred to adopting a shelter dog, finding the perfect family member can be overwhelming.

JM Kennels offers great family dogs. We specialize in breeding bernedoodles, standard poodles, and Bernese mountain dogs. Below, we'll take a look at four reasons why you should partner with us for your next furry family member. View our up and coming litters online today!

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JM Kennels is licensed by the state of colorado through pacfa

Licensed By The State of Colorado through PACFA

Our Colorado breeding facility is licensed by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) Program, which is an organization dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of pets in breeding facilities across the state. This is a strict and comprehensive program that handles customer complaints and more.

JM Kennels offers an ongoing relationship with new pet owners

Offer an Ongoing Relationship with New Pet Owners

JM Kennels believes that when you purchase one of our pups as a forever friend, you are also becoming a member of our family, too. We vet all of our families to ensure stable homes, and we offer ongoing support to all of our new pet owners. We understand raising a puppy can be challenging; we're here for all of your questions and to offer advice.

JM Kennels guarantees the health of our bernedoodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and standard poodle puppies

Guarantee the Health of the Animal

As a professional and reputable Colorado dog breeder, we guarantee the health of all of our animals. We offer a 72-hour health guarantee, giving you the opportunity to have your new puppy inspected by a veterinarian for any health problems. We will gladly exchange the puppy as needed.

JM Kennels hand-raises our  bernedoodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and standard poodle puppies

Hand Raised — Not a Puppy Mill

All of our puppies are hand-raised as members of the family. We socialize them daily so that when they go home with you, they have a wonderful introduction to the human world they will be living in. We are not a puppy mill; we carefully select our breeding pairs in order to further the breed standards so you receive the best puppy for your family.

JM Kennels is passionate about breeding the best dogs for your family. We offer bernedoodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and standard poodle puppies. We invite you to view our up-and-coming litters page, and call us to schedule a visit today!

View Our Up and Coming Litters Page Online