I hope you are doing well! If you remember we bought Griffey from you, his liter was born on February 20th 2015. If you remember my wife, Sammy and I flew out to meet you and pick Griffey out. I believe his parents were Marmaduke and Lexus (I could be wrong on Lexus). We just wanted to reach out and say thank you again. His temperament could not be any sweeter…He is the most social, loving, and sweet dog I have ever met and gets endless compliments on his demeanor wherever we go. He is about 65lbs, and he actually kept most of his black coloring as well! He follows my wife and I everywhere we go, is great with car rides, and has never met another dog or person he doesn’t like. Thanks again for everything, and hope all is going well with your liters!

Bob 03/07/2016


Hi Jane!
Just wanted to let you know our little man is thriving – he’s been wonderful. Easily potty trained, great with kiddos, small spurts of energy followed by long naps and starting to sleep through the night! He’s even learning, slowly, to walk on a leash. Not a fan of being in the kennel when we’re gone but that’s truly it! We love him so much and thank you for taking such great care of he and his mama/pop.  His first vet apt was last Monday which I believe you received their fax. We have a follow up in June for additional shots. Wanted to share a couple pics with you.
Cori, Mike & Quincy  – 05/24/17
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